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Cosmic Collision​
Wild West Showdown
One if by Land


​​The year is 2089, there is a large meteor on a collision course with Earth and will likely destroy all life as we know it. You are one of an elite group of scientists being sent to the future to stop this catastrophe. You will only have one hour and one shot of the laser to destroy the meteor. Can you save the planet?​

Travel back in time to the 1800's. You have 1 hour to figure out the clues. You must find and switch the owner's altered gun and make the showdown a fair fight. Will you make it in time to save the life of a great man?  
​​Paul Revere, the only patriot who knows the code, has been injured and taken to a nearby safe house for care. The Sons of Liberty have come to you for help. You have 1 hour to decipher the clues and light the correct # of lamps to deliver the message.
Our escape rooms can open a whole new world
The skills you'll use in our rooms will help you everyday.  Collaboration, group building exercises, and creative thinking are key components to developing successful teams.  These rooms vary in degree to the challenge for the player.  Our Wild West Showdown  is considered our least challenging room with many puzzles, and is great for first time players.  One if by Land  is a little more challenging.  We suggest more seasoned players try this game, but with several players, this would be an excellent first-timer game. Cosmic Collision is our newest room and our most advanced room yet! Of course, teamwork can solve many first-timer frustrations, so with 4 or more players, all of our rooms are extremely fun and exciting, with AH-HA moments galore. ​More and more businesses are utilizing escape games around the world for their team-building events.  Contact us today to schedule your next company event at (561) 281-0326

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