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​Escape Rooms Jupiter

Escape Rooms 
Jupiter, FL

Experience History
Locked In Time
Come escape reality in our Time Travel Escape Rooms games in Jupiter Florida.  You will jump back in time from our laboratory in Florida to a setting of your choosing. You will have 1 hour to complete your mission and return back through our time portal.  We have 3 rooms to choose from. Travel back to the 1800's in the Wild West Showdown or choose to spiral all the way back to Ancient Rome in our Gladiator Getaway . Finally, you could be sent back to the Revolutionary War in One if By Land. 
Our rooms are $25/person plus tax and service charges.  
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Gladiator Getaway

One If By Land

Wild West Showdown

Travel back in time to the 1800's. You have 1 hour to figure out the clues. You must find and switch the owner's altered  gun and make the showdown a fair fight. Will you make it in time to save the life of a great man?  Great for 1st time escapists!
You're trapped in the dungeon, waiting your turn in the arena. where you'll fight with wild animals and other gladiators, if you don't find a way out first. Immersed in ancient Rome, you will experience the need for speed as your hour runs down. This room will challenge the most seasoned players.
​​Paul Revere, the only patriot who knows the code, has been injured and taken to a nearby safe house for care. The Sons of Liberty have come to you for help. You have 1 hour to decipher the clues and light the correct lamp to deliver the message. Our newest room, great for all from novice to pro.

​​​Family Fun:

Why sit at home doing the same boring thing? 
Come play with us!

Time Travel Escapes provides FUN for Families, Friends and Co-Workers who love excitement.  Work together to solve puzzles and get clues to complete your mission within 60 minutes or be trapped in time! Our Escape Rooms are live interactive games and are a great way to bond with your family and friends. Use all forms of thinking and everyone’s skills to figure out the puzzles, complete the story and ESCAPE within 1 hour.  
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Team Building:

Would you like your employees to look forward to Team Building?

What better way to learn how to work together then an Escape Room. Our rooms offer a great opportunity for learning how to work closely together under pressure using each others strengths. Escape rooms require teamwork, communication, and delegation as well as critical thinking, attention to detail, and lateral thinking. They are accessible to a wide age range of players and do not favor any gender; in fact, the most successful teams are those that are made up of players with a variety of experiences, skills, background knowledge, and physical abilities.
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Complete Your Mission:

Experience The West

Start in our Wild West Showdown to learn how to play.  Use your observational skills and collaborate with friends to decipher the clues and solve the puzzles.  The sheriff needs your help. His future is in your hands.  Switch the altered gun and escape the west in 60 minutes.  You can't do it alone! Trust your instincts and all will be right in the west as you return.

Complete Your Mission:

Escape The Lions

When you travel back to the Roman Colosseum in our Gladiator's Getaway, get ready to put your critical thinking skills to the test. Before you can raise the gate and enter the arena, wher the animals are about to be released, you must first decipher the clues, read the signs, and inderstand the thought processes of the ancient gladiators as they prepared to fight. Find the key in an hour or... well, try it and you'll see.

Complete Your Mission:

Save the New Nation

Can you help Paul Revere and alert the Colonists that the Redcoats are coming? In our escape room called One If By Land, your mission is to decode messages organize the clues and find the lantern to set the signal alerting the minutmen in our earliest battle that kicked off the American Revolution.  The North Church window awaits your beacon. Hurry, no time to waste as you have 1 hour to complete this quest.
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